Celebrate a wedding abroad

The desire to celebrate a wedding abroad is becoming more popular.

The desire to celebrate a wedding abroad is becoming more popular.

This is a great way to give yourself and your guests a very special atmosphere, and sometimes to combine a wedding ceremony with a honeymoon to prolong the fun. Moreover, the weather is becoming increasingly unpredictable in the territory of north-eastern Europe, while you are guaranteed to get a great, warm and bright sun in Greece, Spain and Italy! When the soul needs parties, the sunlight is not enough. The life and soul of the party is a host, a person who creates a very special atmosphere!

We will bring a real drive and celebrate the wedding as it is customary to celebrate here at home, it means cheerfully and enthusiastically, even hundreds and thousands kilometers away from the Motherland, where everything is different. Wherever your wedding takes place, we will make the ceremony closer to your spirit and organise a program that will be interesting to people speaking different languages and help each guest feel like an important and welcome participant of the event. International wedding will unite representatives of different cultures in one company for a very important evening. We are positive and get-up-and-go hosts, speak Russian, English and Latvian and have international wedding experience in Latvia and overseas, we are ready to be your right hands in organising such an event.

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