Emcee Tanya Rid

I find the G-spot at every wedding so that the honeymooners, their guests and the wedding team can get their jollies!


Guiding you through the love and high spirits

Professionally making you feel excited at parties in three languages - RU, LV, ENG

A wedding hosted by me is the anticipation of the preparations and the excitement of the event!

A person needs a person!

The emcee-customer tandem will be successful if they share common values.

Leading ceremonies for kindred spirits, for those who

want to communicate and crack jokes so that a host creates a relaxed atmosphere rather than torturing guests with cringeworthy contests;
want to party, rock and dance, want comfort for yourselves and your guests, to make it fun, easy and fascinating;
care about senses that will not be replaced by senseless traditions.

What do I do that other emcees don't?

I am a member of the international community of top presenters, which guarantees you the embodiment of the most exciting, modern and unconventional ideas for your wedding parties — ranging from an unusual approach to the script and ending with stand-up.

Examples of exclusive tips from Tanya Rid


Creating guest chats where guests and I devise and prepare surprises for the couple in advance, ranging from unexpected flash mobs ending with filming videos that become the highlight of the party.


Please give me the facts about yourselves and I'll roast you to a crust.

"What have you done for hip hop?"

If you ask me for writing rap wishes together with the guests during the wedding party very much, I may do it.

Why can you rely on me?



10 years in the EVENT industry — In my track record there is a kaleidoscope of successful events on varying scales - from 5 to 200 people (weddings, corporate parties, parties on various occasions in Latvia, Greece, Germany, Ireland, and Spain)


Education and professionalism

Unbelievable... but true, I work in the profession, by the way, I have a degree in culture and showbiz!


Onwards and upwards

I am always learning from top experts, expanding my professional competency and growing in my professional career. In 2022 I hit the top three of the students at the Moscow course "Humour, Creativity, Improvisation".

Why is it easy to work with me?

I'll answer all your questions during the first meeting; I'll support and help you prepare for the party at all stages, making the preparation process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Due to the pre-prepared questionnaires for you, preparation will be easy and fun.

I’m coming into, taking a microphone, blowing the audience away, and giving a powerful charge of positivity! And then the best moments of your wedding party will bring back memories of your guests for a long time!

Do I have one more ace up my sleeve?

I have completed the fashion styling course, so I choose bright, stylish and up-to-date looks that match the concept and color scheme you have chosen. After all, the emcee is the face of your party and an indicator of the taste and status of the event's customers.

Why do I truly love my job?

A wedding is filled with moments of intense togetherness, with goosebumps running through everyone, including those who work at it. It's a feeling you can't forget. And I can't live without it anymore!

Let's meet in person or online and you'll feel the aesthetics and energy of your celebration!

An emcee is first and foremost an interesting person with a special energy which can only be experienced at a personal meeting!

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