Emcee Artur TENIS

A positive, educated, charismatic talker!

I can prepare the party in two meetings

I take full responsibility for the programme

I give 100% results


My recipe for a successful wedding

A great love of connecting with people, a thirst for celebrations + the secret ingredient!

Together we are destined to succeed!

Why do I host parties?


More than anything else in life, I love connecting with people. And the parties are a great place to do it!
Throughout my life I have been engaged in music, dancing and psychology, so I can fully use all these skills and abilities for the success of the parties. I am not very good at programming.
I'm lucky and only do what I love in life - so see points 1 and 2


The "10 Commandments" of creating a great party

Laughing together with the guests, not at the guests

Don't touch guests who don't like it, but shine the spotlight on those who adore being the centre of attention!

Make jokes and improvise during the party, leading a dialogue with the guests rather than a monologue.

The success of a party is not in the number of contests, but in their relevance

Never say "You must" to guests, but always listen to their "I want".

Combine the drive with an unobtrusive hosting a party where everyone is comfortable regardless of their age or status

Make active use of modern technology while honouring old traditions

Have a sense of the situation, offering entertainment that will be of interest to guests

Keep an eye on how you look - the host is the cover of the party and sometimes it's worth giving up the cake

Be a friend to everyone, but respect the chain of command and remember who is at work and who is resting today

Do not consume alcohol, no matter how much the guests persuade to do so.




Party chat

For all clients, I create a "Party Chat" which will be open throughout the entire time! Where you can get answers to all your wedding questions, our ideas, tips and pieces of advice - you could call it an "e-organiser" that you don't have to pay for separately.

A checklist of the best ones

You get a checklist of the best professionals in the price range, which will make the process of preparing for the wedding much easier for you! It can save you sleepless nights sitting in Facebook and Instagram wedding groups!

ACE up your sleeve

I have TOP gadgets for entertaining guests such as the Photo Booth with instant photo printing, Selfie Mirror and Spinner 360. Email me and I'll tell you more about these cool additions to your party!

Facts and figures about me in my work/personal life

One of the most sought-after wedding emcees in Latvia
Over 600 parties for 12 years, including 450 weddings
I work in three languages - English, Latvian, and Russian
Geography of my work is the Baltic States, Cyprus, Greece, Tenerife, Germany, England, Ireland, and Scotland;
I focus on sports, so I always keep myself fit
I have never smoked in my life
I have been happily married for 10 years and raising two children Leo and Beatrice
I appreciate resourcefulness and sense of humour of people
I love travelling and I do it 5-7 times a year
My life motto is Everything will work out for the best and I am the author of my own happiness.

An emcee is first and foremost an interesting person with a special energy which can only be experienced at a personal meeting!

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