Wedding host Artur Teniss

- A positive, educated, charismatic and loquacious talker!

One of the most popular wedding hosts in Latvia.

He has a great experience in hosting weddings - more than 450 high-quality weddings for 10 years.

He performs weddings and other events in three languages – English, Latvian and Russian in Latvia and abroad.

Artur Teniss officially began his career as a wedding host in 2011, but during his student life he planned and hosted parties for friends and fellow students. It was clear even then that hosting parties were Artur's mission. It is not surprising that gradually his hobby turned into his favorite job. 50 years ago, Henry Ford said, "The best job is a high-paid hobby".

Artur’s strong point is an interactive entertainment with guests.

Artur is proud with his diplomas, as well as his diversely developed personality. He succeeded in many fields, harmoniously intertwined in preparation, directing and hosting events.

Psychologist according to his diploma of higher education

His professional degree and obtained knowledge of psychology assist Artur to endear people to him, to feel the situation and to offer entertainments to wow the guests.

Program Director according to his mission

The course on directing show and entertainment programs obtained in St. Petersburg allows to think globally by taking into account the format, concept and dramaturgy of the party, to put right logical and emotional emphasis of the wedding party.

Dancer according to his soul

Over 5 years of experience in teaching Latin American dances assist him to give bright and impressive wedding dance master classes and flash mobs

Musician according to his heart

His natural musicality and music education, piano emphasis, allow him to keep the rhythm of the party and to select a perfect musical accompaniment to interactivities. If you ask him pretty with a cherry on top, he may play the piano.

Businessman according to his life

Higher education in the field of business management helped him to start his dance studio, to bring a business project on guest entertainment EventPhotobox to life, to found the event management agency Teniss Event.

Four tips for creating the party atmosphere
in the unique style of Artur

To laugh with the guests, but not at the guests.

The success of the party is not measured by the number of party games and activities, but by their reasonability.

Do not disturb guests if they don’t want to get involved in and prefer to stay on the sidelines, but spotlight guests who enjoy attention!

Never say ‘You MUST’ to the guests, instead always listen to their WANTS and NEEDS – whether it's a desire to congratulate a bride and groom or to take part in competitions.

TOP 5: Why Artur Tenis?

He skillfully combines drive and energy with unobtrusive and tasteful party hosting style, each guest feels comfortable, whether they are children or adults, because the wedding knows no age!

He can make small talk with the younger generation about ‘selfie’ or ‘Instagram’ and discuss the problems, such as ‘The grass was greener’ and ‘The light was brighter’ with the older generation.

He actively uses modern technologies, but he knows and honors old traditions at the same time.

He has an excellent sense of humor, skillfully improvises and has a dialogue with the guests, but not a monologue.

He jokes a lot, but not enough to be knocked out.

Artur Tenis’s recipe for success

a great love of communication with people and a thirst for parties!

confidence in the success of the holiday


Wedding interactive dance with guests by Artur Tenis

If you want your wedding party to sparkle and all your guests to have fun, contact Artur Tenis, a wedding host rather than a toastmaster!

Artur Teniss - testimonial

Mihaela Negru

Warm Big Thank You to Artur for making our wedding day so great and full of positive emotions! We had not an easy to handle wedding with international guests from all other the world – you man-aged to entertain them all and ensure we had fantastic time! Couples with children will have no chance to forget it as children are still singing Mihaela Axel flash mob song – was so great :) Thank you for making it so easy for us – you understood exactly what kind of wedding we want – and you made it for us with humor, dancing, competitions and positive mood through the whole evening! You as promised considered the mood of the party to find correct timing for every small piece of what we planned – everything was organized in a great way and no one except us and you even no-ticed that there were some changes in the plan :). Keeping in mind that the wedding was in English with a lot of German speaking friends, you managed to translate some of not translatable Russian traditions and ensured that every person from the wed-ding had a feeling of great party and being part of big wedding family! With your extremely positive attitude, you managed also to calm me (the bride) down which is not the easiest task :) You do much more than just the wedding day, your recommendations and help with finding correct place, decorators and music make a great contribution, which allowed us not to worry about anything and just enjoy the day which you prepared for us and our guests! Thank you and we see you at our wedding anniversary – looking forward to it! Mihaela & Axel

Анастасия Шостак‎

Хотим высказать огромную благодарность Артуру и его команде за безупречно проведенную свадьбу на двух языках. Английский и Русский. Артур с харизмой, задором и высоким профессионализмом развлек гостей из 7 разных стран. Все были в восторге. Мы очень рекомендуем его именно для свадьбах с англо говорящими гостями, Артур не только хорошо говорит, но и знает как пошутить или подколоть, и никаких переводчиков!!!! Артур ты Лучший, спасибо еще раз огромное. Настя и Юра

Диана Лабуте

Liels paldies Teniss Events un īpaši Artūram par mūsu burvīgo vakaru! Viss bija super un vienīgais ko mēs nožēlojām bija tas , ka neizvēlējāmies jūs par galvenajiem organizatoriem, bet arī bez tā viss bija vienreizēji!!! Ir ļoti grūti atrast vadītāju kas tik labi var saprasties ar viesiem gan Latviešu , gan Krievu valodā. Nemaz nerunājot par gadu variāciju mūsu viesu starpā. - Neviens nebija aizmirsts un neviens nejutās tā ka kaut kas nav saprasts kas ir ļoti būtiski it sevišķi kāzās! Artūr, mēs no sirds pateicamies ka padarīji mūsu vakaru tik superīgu!!!

Irina Potapova

Спасибо большое, Артур , что сделал нас особенный день еще более особенным. Мы остались очень довольны нашим выбором и не сомневались в нем ни на секунду. Спасибо за поддержку, крутые идеи, грамотные советы и волшебный пендаль в нужную минуту. Гости остались под впечатлением, а мы счастливы.

Genady Gondelman

Артур! От лица туристического агентства Begonija и всего нашего коллектива, хочу поблагодарить Тебя и Твою команду за проведенный праздник - Юбилей 25 лет нашей компании. Это было на "отлично"! Спасибо за индивидуальный подход, море веселья и позитива на нашем празднике. Все в восторге!

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