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Ведущая Татьяна ТЕНИС

Why do we plan and host weddings and other events? Because we take pleasure and have a great experience in having a lot of fun, so we want to share it with our dear clients! We plan and host events with great passion and joy, and look forward to the weekend to spark the city!

On this website you will not find any articles about what a wedding is or the importance of wedding ceremony in our life. Well, you are fully aware about it! But you will obtain the maximum of complete and comprehensible information how to make it unique, personal and unforgettable:

Organisation of parties, celebrations and occasions is our strong point, in this regard our proficiency level is at our best! Visit Event Hosts section to get acquainted with us through figures, education, skills and approach. You will find that we are actually pretty good in hosting parties!

- In Outdoor Ceremonies section we will tell you how to move from a formal Register Office ceremony and to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a magical and unique fairy tale – your personal fairy tale!

- Visit Our Services section to find what we can do for you, we will gladly share our expert opinion with you!

- In Technical Support section we will demonstrate you the opportunities of sound and light, these impressions will strengthen the emotions on the holiday.

- Visit Show program section to find a variety of creative resources that can make your event more attractive.

- In Gallery section you will find a lot of weddings photos, as well as publications in wedding magazines and real client testimonials.

All that you have just read is our job (“Teniss Events”) while we are a happy ‘Teniss Family’ in our real life. We raise our little son, live an active lifestyle, travel and hang out, because parties are our life and passion! Well, let's get acquainted then!

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