Wedding and party emcees in Latvia and abroad

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We host and organise weddings and parties with great passion and joy!

We have 12 years of experience in this business!

We host parties in three languages, namely English, Latvian, and Russian.

80% of a party's success depends on the party emcee

It is a person who creates the atmosphere of the party, who is like a party navigator and CASCO insurance in one - he can solve any issues in a matter of minutes!

There are two party insurers in our agency, they are Arthur Tenis and Tania Reed working both individually and as a duo.

Sign up for a consultation to make a "test drive" of your presenter in person or online!

In what style do we host the parties?



everyone with energy and good cheer from the first minutes of the party!


a comfortable space for guests where everyone is always aware of what is going to happen, when and where!


The programme focuses on live communication, improvisation, humour, dynamics, interactives, screen games, and music games!


  • Do we play cringeworthy games — No!
  • Do we make toasts — No!
  • Do we make guests have a drink — No!
  • Do we force guests to participate in contests — No!
  • Do we let guests eat and socialise — Yes!
  • Do we engage guests with their own interactions and programme — Yes!
  • Do we help unite and bring guests together — Yes!
  • Do the guests feel comfortable at the party — Yes!
  • Do we run ceremonies — Yes!

Will your guests remember your party as one of the best — YES!

How long does it take to prepare for the event?

Услуги Организации свадеб
You say, "We don't want to sweat it at all, we trust you 100 per cent, with a minimum investment of customer effort."

1-2 meetings

Услуги Организации свадеб
You say, "We want to be engaged in the preparation process, we are willing to spend a few hours doing our homework."

2-3 meetings

Услуги Организации свадеб
You say, "The Good-Job Package, a unique scenario, full interaction and customisation."

More than 3 meetings

Услуги Организации свадеб

The level of seriousness of preparation and time commitment is up to you!

We will carry out all your choices!

Why meet the emcee in person?

When choosing a car (you found out its fuel consumption, engine displacement, etc.) a very important moment is simply to drive it - to do a test drive to get a feel for whether it's yours or not!

Услуги Организации свадеб

It's the same with an emcee - you have to feel them, spend at least some time with them to see if they are fun, fascinating and comfortable.

Услуги Организации свадеб

After the meeting with the emcee, you will have all the necessary components (all the figures, parameters and your emotions from the meeting) to make the only correct decision and choose exactly your emcee.

If you've reached this point, let's meet up!

Услуги Организации свадеб

Organisation of parties, celebrations and occasions is our strong point, in this regard our proficiency level is at our best! Visit Event Hosts section to get acquainted with us through figures, education, skills and approach. You will find that we are actually pretty good in hosting parties!

- In Outdoor Ceremonies section we will tell you how to move from a formal Register Office ceremony and to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a magical and unique fairy tale – your personal fairy tale!

- Visit Our Services section to find what we can do for you, we will gladly share our expert opinion with you!

- In Technical Support section we will demonstrate you the opportunities of sound and light, these impressions will strengthen the emotions on the holiday.

- Visit Show program section to find a variety of creative resources that can make your event more attractive.

All that you have just read is our job (“Teniss Events”) while we are a happy ‘Teniss Family’ in our real life. We raise our little son and daughter, live an active lifestyle, travel and hang out, because parties are our life and passion! Well, let's get acquainted then!

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